What is the Subscription Program? 

Clear Creek Volunteer Fire Department (CCVFD) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All of our Firefighters are unpaid volunteers who graciously volunteer their time to train, to respond, and to keep the organization functioning safely and with the best coverage they can provide.  Most of our volunteers even have full-time jobs.

CCVFD is a subscription fire agency.  This means that CCVFD does not receive funding from annual property taxes, but instead must rely on donations, the occasional equipment grants, and annual subscription payments from the community in order to continue providing fire fighting and related public safety services. 

 What does my Subscription Pay For?

Subscriptions end up paying for things like:

Without this funding, the fire department would have to either change to a taxing district, or worst-case scenario, close its doors.  Closing the doors would likely result in increased homeowners insurance costs, which are heavily tied to fire department response times and certifications.

When you pay your subscription each year, it puts you in good standing.  Beyond feeling good for supporting your local fire department, a member in good standing gets the following benefits:

 Pay Your Subscription Today

Subscriptions are based on the following:  First parcel is $75 per year.  Each additional parcel is $75 if it has a habitable structure, or $10 if there are no habitable structures.

You can pay your subscription by either mailing in your payment or paying through Paypal using the form below.  If you would rather mail in your payment please ensure you include the reference number from your subscription (or your parcel number if you don't have the reference number).  

Please send checks to:

Clear Creek Volunteer Fire Department

212 Clear Creek Road, Boise, ID 83716

Payment via Paypal

Are you Local?  Save the stamp (or Paypal fees)

We have a door slot at Station 1, located at 212 Clear Creek Road.